Tips For Inspecting Your Houston Roof

A Roof Needs Maintenance

If your Houston home is to remain weatherproof your roof must be kept in a good condition. Any small leaks can lead to expensive work to the underlying timbers and any decorative finishes, all which will deteriorate rapidly in damp conditions. In addition, the moisture created will create an environment perfect for mold to take hold and grow which eventually will require expensive mold removal. A regular inspection of your roof will go a long way in making sure it is properly maintained. You don’t want to wait until you see water stains on the ceiling to know you have a leak. If you are uncomfortable doing it yourself there are residential roofing contractors Houston who offer a free roof inspection. Remember: Prevention is better than repair.

Check In The Attic

If the roof is unlined inside, look for any area that has cracks allowing light to shine through, these areas will need closer inspection. Check for water staining on any timbers. If stains are found you’ll need to find the source of the stain. After a period of heavy rain is the best time to inspect your roof from the inside, since if you see stains or water the source of a leak will easier to find. Always repair any damage found as soon as possible to stop any leaking and further water damage to the house.

From Ground Level

Check the entire roof by inspecting at ground level. No matter the type of roofing you have any misalignment on asphalt tile, slate, ceramic tile, or even you metal roofing Houston should be noted and repaired. It is not hard to spot disjointed or slipped tiles against the regular lines of tiles. If a section’s color has changed, it could be newly exposed and therefore un-weathered. The ridge against the skyline should be level with no gaps. Make sure there are no missing or turned up tiles. For a tile check mortar joints for gaps. Check for the state of the flashings at abutments and around chimney stacks. Check around on the ground for pieces of fallen mortar.

At The Roof Level

We do not recommend homeowners climb up and walk around on the roof, there is a very high risk of falling and sustaining serious injury. You can contact a roofing contractor to do the free roofing inspection: Better Safe Than Sorry.