The Perfect Environment

The Basement

In a house, the most vulnerable spot for the growth of toxic black mold is the basement. Toxic black mold(Strachybotrys atra) in the basement is a common sight due to moisture and darkness. Mold health problems Can be experienced well before you actually find evidence of mold in your home. Since mold spores can be airborne, you may be breathing in these toxic spores for months before you understand what’s happening. People rarely visit basements and as a result, the mold continues to grow with no interruptions. It could grow to the point that it takes over the entire space and makes its way into the rest of your house

Black Mold Anywhere In the Home Is A Health Danger

Toxic black mold in the basement is harmful to everyone living in the house, especially pregnant women, children and the elderly people. If anyone shows signs of a runny nose, unexplained fatigue, rashes, difficulty breathing or frequent headaches, check the house for mold growth. If you discover mold of any kind in the basement, you need to remove it immediately. If you decide that you can handle a small 5 to 10ft job, make sure that you do it safely and quickly. Avoid breathing in any of the mold spores by wearing protective clothing and respirator. Make sure you don’t carry the mold spores up in your house.

You Need Professional Help

If the mold has infested a large area of the basement, or it is beginning to move into parts of the house you need to get professionals to perform a mold clean up. You’ll need professional help to discover and eliminate the source of water that is creating the environment that allows mold to flourish. Professional mold remediation technicians will seal off the area where they find the mold to prevent mold spores from escaping into the unaffected areas, They will also wear protective mold remediation equipment to clean the mold out of the basement, they will dry and dehumidify the whole area to ensure that the problem does not reoccur.